Video Clutter

Image by John Pannell via Flickr

I have no idea why I seem to find it so hard to let go of stuff. I can justify keeping everything. The fact that I can’t just let go means I have a piles here and there of books, papers, clothes, hair, hair products. I do not know if the stems from being so poor I could not get these things and now working but not abundantly I just do not throw things away so freely.

I am getting better on the paper side of things. I just take a bag or whatever and sit next to my Fellows confetti shredder and get rid. It can be therapeutic but I think I need help. I do wonder if it stems from the fact that my brothers always stole from me when we was growing up. I have had the odd cousin steal from me too. Hubby sees my excess of stuff as junk. It is junk because he has no use for it. If we had our own home a big one with a garage all this would be in there. Except I would be able organise myself better.

As sad as it may seem, the most organised things in my house are my hair care products, toiletries and beauty products. Clothes are not bad but I need to get rid of some as I have no space for all of it. With clothes I have given myself the false hope that I can lose weight now and fit in them. Fashion will move on no doubt.

So I do need help. Major help. I want to live a junk free life and be a bit more organised. Please suggest something for me.

I have been told about Fly Lady but have not started to commit to the tips there. I even bought a book but that was only added to a pile of other books I already own. I need help.