I was thinking I need to do more fun stuff with my sons. So whilst the youngest is away I did just that. My 1st born and I made Pizza. Not quite from scratch. After all I was at work and thought let me do this.

I bought pizza bases and a garlic pizza bread. The sauce I used was Ragu Basil and Oregano when in fact I should have bought a proper pizza sauce or made one myself. But yeah that will be for my pizza from complete scratch attempt. My other ingredients were Barbecue chicken pieces and mozzarella cheese.

I simply spread the sauce onto the bases followed by the other ingredients and topped it off with the cheese. My son enjoyed this and he was smiling all the time. Check out the end results:

Have you made pizza from scratch before? Have you made anything food wise with young children before? Please let me know as I would love some more ideas as to what to make with my children that they will enjoy.