I really do have some talented friends. Last year two of my friends became published Authors. Congrats and Big ups to them! I am so proud of you.
Alexander Jackman is a talented writer, poet and so much more. “I AM” is his first published book and before I read it, I just know it will be worth the read, as I believe in him and know how much hard work he has put into getting his work out there.
If you are a fan on Facebook or follow his blog you will know that the book has travelled around the world thanks to a host of friends who wanted to share in his vision to help promote the book. I believe the concept of the pictures came by when a friend took a pre- publication on holiday and took some pics.
The book is described as
“This book is set around the journey of a young man who experiences abortion with his first love. Their relationship hits rock bottom and his only retreat is to immerse himself in his writing which begins to teach him more then he ever imagines. In an attempt to discover who he is and his purpose in life he breaks up with her and surrenders to a world he has yet to know.”
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