I must improve on my procrastination. I should have read this book at the beginning of the year and not just recently. I mentioned this book back in January.  To this day I still love the way the book has been marketed with the pictures. So I would say it is definitely worth checking out the Facebook page and website to see how far this book has travelled and the beautiful pictures.
I Am is one of those books that makes you wonder what exactly is going on and where will it lead me to. When I opened the book to quickly browse I was like who scribbled in my book. Though when I read the book it all made sense. Oh and I have never seen so many thank you’s in an acknowledgement section of a book.
The book takes you on a journey starting from 1979 when he was born. Then cascades its way to the emotions involved with his first love. You do not often hear about a mans emotions when it comes to abortion. So this is quite insightful on how it can affect them. There are also references to the New Years eve killings of the cousins in Birmingham and the London bombings.
You are taking completely on a journey in the author’s mind exposed to his thoughts through key events. A mixture of poetry prose and storytelling wrapped up in one book. The scribbles only make sense if you read the book. I was going to re-cap everything in the book but I feel that would spoil it for the reader.
I read this book in less than 2 hours. I was that engrossed. Its part to do with how the book is written and how it has been presented. Since reading this book I have questioned some of the things that make me who I AM. I feel inspired!