I am so happy that my friend invited me to come to Ibiza for her birthday. It turned out to be 3 peoples birthday celebrations. I had to wonder if I was over dressed as I had on my Roca Wear tracksuit that my husband bought me a few years ago that I do not really wear. Everyone else was in shorts and mini skirts.

Baggage collected and already feeling the heat, I was sweating buckets. Lets hope it has sweated some of this excess fat away. The sun’s hotness was so intense and fierce. Compared to JA that has a breeze (which I think is warm anyway) it was just hot hot hot. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. The vibes were nice on the island. Everyone was just so chilled out and just focused on having a good time.

Our first day was Saturday and we spent the day catching the sun at Kanya which is a bar and restaurant with a swimming pool and sun loungers. The food was nice there too. At Cafe Mambo we watched the sun set. Its one of the things I do not get to appreciate in the UK. Maybe I need to move to the coast. Bora Bora beach was so chilled out. I have seen many many women with their chest on display and no one blinking an eye lid. I was tempted but backside not quite brave enough for that.

The workers as I will call them really try to cater to your needs. Everyone wants you as a customer and always seemed to offer you free shots or champagne with your drinks and also many 2for1 offers. Drinks were still expensive. In club Eden a bottle of alco-pop WKD was 12 Euros!!! Yikes.

I am always apprehensive on going on holiday surrounded by British folk as you tend to get everything catered to British tastes and that bad behaviour is all over the place. But no Brits seem to behave themselves well on this beautiful Island. My only complaint is the currency. I hate Euros. The prices of everyday goods are so inflated and cost more than they do back home. Even duty free was slightly off limits. Besides a handbag and some sweets for workmates I had to say forget that.

I so want to go back and bring my boys. As I am told there are other parts of the island that cater to families. When I do I will do all inclusive. Though still explore the island.

This is a video I took on my camera of Brazilian dancers in Ibiza Town.