Since MJ passed I have been in somewhat of a daze. I still pray to God and seek guidance from Jesus but you know what? His passing is just so shocking especially now that AEG have released some video clips of his rehearsals. He looked amazing for his age. I just wish people would do as he asked back in 1989 to Leave him alone. The music charts have a got a new lease of life as his fans bought out his back catalogue of music and now you have delays in getting some albums. True talent forever missed!!

Anyway I am off to Ibiza in the next few hours. Just for a long weekend break with the ladies to celebrate my long time friends 30th birthday. We are proper grown folk now ya know.

I hope take many pictures and will upload once I get back. I might as well make use of my Flickr and Fotki accounts.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to stay blessed and let God do all the rest.