I am such an impulsive shopper. Yet buying what I truly want takes forever. I need a financial advisor to help me spend wisely reduce debts and live within my means.

Anyway after reading the latest Money Saving Expert beauty deals of the week which is updated weekly I went and bought In Style magazine. It is not a magazine I would normally buy, however with 2 free eye liners by the Body Shop which are worth just over £14 I could not resist. You have 3 colour sets to choose from. I chose brilliant blue and black. The other combinations are black /  shimmering steel and black and vibrant emerald.

I have not tried Body shop makeup in a while. I still have a bronzer and shimmering eye shadow cubes which are brilliant. As for In Style mag, I have just skimmed the pages and there is an article which all users of makeup will like. It features R&B songstress Shontelle beautifully showing the latest trends in the ever popular smokey eye.

In Style is a fashion magazine and from my first impressions there seems to be more to read. Unlike the industry standards of Cosmopolitan. I bought that magazine once and I think I read like two pages. Pictures were amazing to look at though.