I was tagged by Patience (Miss Virtue) to do this tag, so here goes…
Tell your readers ten things about you that they may or may not know, but are true.
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1. I spent my primary/elementary years  living breathing growing in South Central , Los Angeles. I embraced the Black is beautiful ethos (and all the positive stuff) which some see me in the UK as an extremist. I am not, I just love my people and learning more about us makes me smile.
2. I used to compete with my older brother over which Jackson was the best. I was a Michael fan, but a Janet stan.
3. I have a joint BA in Media and American studies. Which makes me a proud DMU alumni. I so need to get back to studying or do something. I wish I did a web design course.
4. I hate nosey  friends. They drain me so much so I have to distant myself from them slowly but surely till they are on the brink of non existence.
5. It took me 4 goes to pass my driving test. Money well spent.
6. Hate people who try to force their way of thinking on you. There is just no need.
7. Love makeup
8. I really want to lose weight but I am suffering with lack of will power. I am trying and believe I will get there. sooner rather than later.
9. I love reality TV – Candy girls, x factor, American idol, ANTM College Hill, Baldwin Hills, etc etc
10. I am a natural hair sister, but I just cannot be asked with my hair sometimes so wear pieces as and when, and feel no shame.
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