Jamaica is where my belated Parents born and grow. My Father emigrated to the UK during the Windrush era whilst my Mum came along shortly after. Jamaica is a place where a huge part of my culture I.D. and tradition comes from. It saddens me to see the current state of affairs in Jamaica.
This is a situation that has been brewing for almost a year. The Americans want a man who is both deemed a notorious gangster but also a Business man and public saviour. Jamaican politics has always been caught up in some form of corruption. Some of this is thanks to the very people who seek their wanted man. Think about it. In JA Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, is not necessarily a wanted man. Jamaica like many other countries has some areas which are deemed very violent and crime ridden. One of these areas is Downtown Kingston which the JA constabulary have failed to bring under control. ‘Dudus’ living in JA after a spate abroad has managed to bring some calm to the area. He is one of many “area Dons” that are looking after the people that the government is not. His notoriety comes from his association with Jamaican Gang the Shower Posse. They were featured on BET American Gangster documentary show.
Much of the violence is contained however if the authorities fail to reach a resolution or bring this under control it could escalate. Other parishes are already starting to be affected somewhat. The Jamaican government, the capitalists the IMF and World Bank each have to share part of the blame. (Look up the relationship between them and what rules they impose). No country should be in a state where an alleged criminal, gangster, area don etc can without trying hold so much respect that people would die for them and go against the law. No one is going to bite the hand that feeds them. Which can clearly be seen by the blockades and protests taking place right now.
I do wonder why Bruce Golding and the rest of JA government made this about turn decision. For months and months Jamaica refused to give America what she wanted. She knew far too well that in doing so the peace of the island would become fragile and definitely hostile. America has been cancelling Visa’s of Jamaican citizens for no reason at all, which has affected prominent entertainers and business people.
So now Kingston, the islands capital is under a State of Emergency order which is in place for at least a month. Almost immediately America put out a travel warning. I do wonder if the extradition was halted and they agreed to have his trial in JA would they have been met with so much hostility? Vivian Blake who also belonged to the same gang as Dudus was imprisoned in America. He was released and deported only to die 1yr later.
So many people have lost their lives, army, police, civilians and criminals. Question is how long before relative peace is restored and what state will downtown Kingston be in once “Dudus”is removed (alive or not)? Will the blatant robberies and muggings commence again? What about the innocent people caught up in this crossfire?
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