Why is it snowing. Yes I know it is winter. Though that snow is getting beyond deep and settling which means the whole place will be slippery very soon. Driving on crushed snow come ice is not easy. It is a slippery journey in which your wheels do not grip the roads. Where are these salt and sand gritters. I hope they are working tonight.
It is so funny how the UK practically comes to a stand still when it snows. The UK needs to start investing in snow ploughs and whatever else will clear the roads to keep the cities going. Let us hope and pray this is the worst of it as I have to work next week otherwise I do not get paid. I NEED the nursery to be open.  Food supplies are okay for now.  Oh snow please go away. I just know when you melt there will be stories of flooding somewhere. So sad but so true.
The picture is of my car covered in fresh fallen snow that is still dropping from the sky.