Yesterday was such a lovely day in the UK. The sun was hot hot hot and although it may not be as sizzling hot tomorrow it is due to be hot. So what do you do on a hot day like this? Huh? Well I do not know about you, but hubby, children and moi decided we would jerk some chicken.

I searched online as normally due for purchases and found a barbecue that hubs liked for about £60. I was cussing that it cost too much. Though still picked up a scrubber brush and some weed killer. At the till the price for everything comes in at just under £40 and I questioned the cashier about the price. I really did say to him “are you sure that is the right price as I thought it would be higher”. He was like you got a bargain. Hubs thinks I am silly for querying the price. But you know what I was just so pleasantly surprised. For a second I even wondered if I picked up the wrong one.

The children enjoyed the hot sunshine and freedom to run free in the garden. Our dinner was Jerk Chicken and hard dough bread. Yummy can not complain. All I need now is a sun lounger so I can make good use of my Calypso carrot oil. I need to fully embrace the sun. My only complaint is that British summer brings so many bugs to life it is unreal.

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!