As the title says I am having a major job problem. I am employed right now, it pays the bills. Nothing to love about my job just that I have one and it pays the bills just about. I wont say who I work for as there might be some clause that forbids me to do so. (If you do know who I work for I kindly ask that you do not mention it).
Earlier this year the company I work for was in the news. Only a few media outlets ran with the story of it being sold. Now just over half a year later those same rumours are flourishing and this time most major media outlets are talking about it. One thing for sure the parent company does want to sell but are not doing so yet. That is all they are saying to us and the media. So my current job has an uncertain undertone.
What would you do if you were in my position. I definitely want to start looking and maybe I could end up with a job I enjoy doing as opposed to one that just  pays the bills. Any future job I get it will be hard going as I have to plan around my kids. Which I just managed to do.
I do not even know where to start looking for jobs or what jobs I should consider. The UK job market is lacking in available jobs. This farce coalition government that no one voted for is not helping at all. In my area one new shop opened that had 120 vacancies and 2000 people applied. I have a colleague who has taken redundancy applied for a more skilled job and there were 126 applicants for the one job.
So I need to be proactive from now. So please if you can point me in the right direction or give any job hunting advice leave a comment. Also I am open to trying a new fields of work so suggest job titles too. It is about time I spread my wings.