You know I have heard this for years and now it has become tiring. When I was a size 12/14 I was always told I was overweight. Always called fat big and broad etc. I am only 5ft 1″ , but I carry curves well. Notice what I just said.

Indeed I have put on some weight a few stones a dress size or maybe 2 dress sizes but you would think I don’t know. I am well aware of my size. After all I buy my clothes and not only that I see my naked body in the mirror each morning. I think I need a shirt that says ” I know my body thanks for observing”. Or maybe a satirical phrase.

Back in the day I was just this short curvy girl that had everything in the right place. A bust that women pay for (still do) and a lot more going on than a coke and a smile. Big Grin I got all the male attention I wanted and did not want. Having said that men still find me attractive, but it is not about them. It is about me and the way I feel.

I went from being this girl who hated her above average boobs, who did the tomboy thing. To this sister who loved every inch of her. I didn’t quite get to the point of saying I love me and blowing kisses in the mirror though.

Now I am actually what some and the medical world calls fat. Yet when I spoke to my cousin, she was like but everything fits in. I have shape and what not. Then the other day I get given a straight to the point lecture!! Was basically told my weight is out of control and that my health will suffer. I get told this all the time. No one seems to believe that I am trying to get healthy. I am trying.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to lose between 3 and 5 stone. 5 may be too much. 4 stone which is equivalent to 56 lbs would do me just fine. My main issue is that I am less active though. So I need to get active. I have some DVD’s and a cross trainer at home. Got to use them. I am even considering buying Leg Magic.

As I managed to lose 5lbs in the summer through Weight Watchers I will be starting this plan again but from home. I will not be attending meetings. I feel I can do this and tweak it to suit me. I got a workmate to buy me the 2009 deluxe starter kit. I buy the magazine and also Slimming World‘s magazine. I am actively making packed lunches and adding fruit. I can do this. I just need people to stop telling me they are watching me. After all I live in this body and carry it around each and everyday.

As well as reading I have been watching videos on YouTube and have started doing Pilate’s via DVD. Now everybody sing

You can do it put your back into it!!!Open-mouthed