Oh my I am feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated right now. I just spent under a week in London with my close friends who I met at University. I have known them for almost ten years and they go back even longer.

My journey on the train was okay. I grudgingly handed over £50.70 to the cashier for a walk on ticket. Luckily I managed to get on a Meridian train which although takes 2 hrs instead of the hour and forty minutes of the faster train, it is a comfortable ride. Taking the bus to my friends area was alright too. London has the edge on public transport as you can just push your pushchair on the bus. No hassle with folding whilst holding the baby etc etc. Of course the public transport fares in London are expensive but you do get more out of your money than you would elsewhere. The underground is okay. But I have never been a major fan. Its hot and stuffy down there, however it gets you there quickly. My aunty prefers the bus as she says the Tube can often take the long way around. I suppose you have to just see what it is like for you.

Friday night was spent with the girls. We just chilled out and relaxed ate food and fruit juice. I wish we were sipping bottles of Rose’ that would have completed the night nicely. I always get cussed when it comes to cooking. But I only cook because I have to. Curry goat/mutton is not something I cook all the time because I do not have a pressure cooker and it takes a while. I ended up cooking this dish for Sunday dinner served up with boiled dumplings and rice.

London does have some major issues regarding the youth, though this is a UK wide problem. I witnessed a group of teenage boys aged about 17 ish and two were fighting in broad daylight grabbing at each others throats. The positives of London is that its a cultural melting pot with loads of things to do from Museums and events in the park night life you name it London probably has it.

London is a hair haven for me. I splurged on hair products which I will mention in my hair journal real soon. I also bought hair to put my hair in single braid extensions as I so need a new hairstyle right now.

London brings out the best in me. I always leave feeling inspired to do better than what I am doing now.