I know my birthday has long gone and now Valentines is on its way. However I received this parcel of goodies in the post last week. I was so happy to be given some MAC make up as a pressie. I love MAC products but cannot always afford to buy them.

I was given Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Dark , a lip pencil in plum and a Lustreglass in Flusterose. They look so good on me. I suppose it helps that the friend who picked everything is a certified and practicing MUA. She always knows how to make my cheeks pop. Fingers crossed her website will be up soon and of course I will share the link when it is.

PS: Forgot to say the reason behind the lip liner is that my friend disaproves of me wearing dark brown lip liner. She says it takes me back to our uni days or even further back. So the lip liner was a major hint to try a different colour lip liner.