In March 2008 my good friends brother was stabbed to death as he was working at the Matalan branch in Dalston, East London. He was the store manager in the midst of totalling the daily takings and usual after closure paper work.  His name Jamie Simpson aged 33. His life taking by some common thugs. His sister had alerted me to the trial dates which is taking place now at the Old Bailey.

This trial has an air of betrayal lingering about it. Not only was the 3 young men (if you can call them that) responsible. The in store security guard was in on the whole thing. He along with 6 others are now on trial. The youngest is now 17 and gets to keep his murderous identity secret. Let us hope that changes the moment he turns 18.

So far four of the accused have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rob. However all seven defendants(more like rogues) have all denied murder. This is day one of the trial and it already makes me tearful just reading up on it.

Jamie was not just close to his sisters but to his family and to his friends. His death shocked everyone. His funeral was attended by so many people from not just Derby but all over the UK. The cathedral was so packed, that my husband , friends and myself had to stand at the back. There were even more people gathered outside the church who could not fit in, but stayed to pay their respects.

The trial continues at the Old Bailey in London.
Praying for justice for Jamie Simpson!!