I think I have been brainwashed or shamed into believing that I can only wear my hair one way. In its unaltered natural state. But is that me. Is it really who I am. No it’s not. I like the fact that my hair is 100% natural and I am no longer limited in what I can do. But……..I like change. Don’t panic. I will not be relaxing my hair again. Decided that because of the constant style changes twists braids extensions canerows weaves you name it. Such a move would be unhealthy. 

I do intend to try harder to get to grips with natural style more often. However if I want to put on a curly or straight hairpiece that is what I am going to do. I love single braid extensions but I can not stand them after a month. Nor can I afford to get them done so often.
What may be best for me to do. Is to use this blog more effectively. I will develop it so it is not just my hair journey and more a place to find out what can be done with natural hair. Showcasing my love hate relationship with my hair, and inspirational folk. My fave YouTube videos and blogs etc.
Yeah I think I will take it there. Once that is in motion properly I might need to tweak my blog name.
Now if only I could create an html worthy banner for all my blogs