Oh my days. Who knew that leaving work early would lead me to a radio interview. How ironic that I was on my way to pick up my VistaPrint delivery of my business cards that I missed the day before. Yeah I have business cards now.
So anyway Devon Daley  is one of the main presenters and has been doing this show for years. I bump into him at the sorting office and we get to talking and I mention among other things I have blog I am working on etc. So he asked me if I would come on the show which is the African Caribbean Experience (which is on BBC Radio Derby every Sunday from 7-10pm). I was like um um.
Thankfully I was given 2 days to make up my mind and I went and did the show. I talked about my experiences as a blogger and why I blog. Also discussed the usefulness of blogs. Oh yeah I mentioned  Vex in the City and The Musings of Ondo Lady. I also mentioned my friend Alexander Jackman whose book is out now called “I Am”.
So I do need to work on my elocution a little bit as I cannot pronounce all names good, but I do try. This was a lovely experience and I am thankful for the opportunity to be on the show. You can catch the interview on BBC  I – Player up until the 4th of April 2010. I start speaking at about 1hr 31 mins. I speak for about ten minutes. Tell me what you think? What does my voice sound like? I have not done radio in years but I loved my short time spent there.