It is that time of the year again for Big Brother UK. I am watching it thinking okay so I know what the line up will be. A handful of gay and bisexual people, the token or handful ethnic minorities and the totally odd insane people. Indeed that is what you get this year. This social experiment shall be interesting.

Anyway I am watching this show when a young black girl appears on the screen. Her voice sounds familiar and her face too. Just a bit more grown up. Then she mentions that she suffers from Lupus. I was like no way, please do not tell me her last name is Brown. Then I heard Sophia Brown. I was like oh my days. I had to log into Facebook to check if friends from my school and family updated their status’s. Yep it has been confirmed that is Sophia.

I am in a little shock as you do not expect to see people you know on telly like that. She was quieter back in the day. She still had a interesting laugh. Just know that I know her and her sister is sadly missed. Now I know I will be watching this season with interest.

PS – I must say she is looking fierce. Beauty and Brains.

BB 10 CH4 Sophia Brown profile

Sophia Brown