I saw this when I was browsing the very limited Afro-textured hair section in my local boots. It cost me £2.99 and is a little cheaper than the hair shop. It says on the box

  • Contains no alcohol
  • Gives superior hold
  • No flaking
  • Great for relaxed and natural hair!
The directions say all you have to do is smooth on with your fingertips to get the desired hold. My hair is 100% natural. I would say its fine in texture and not all gels can tame it when it needs to be. This gel is amazing. It really does hold down my edges. However I would say you need more than your fingertips. As it can appear very shiny. I find using my pocket size bristle brush slicks the edges down perfectly with this product. It does remind me of QP Elasta glaze but is definitely more tacky which I believe is why it hold the edges down so well.
Ors Edge control on edges smooth down with slick brush

In the picture above my edges look almost straight and yet my hair is 100% natural. This is good stuff.

If you use any other product for your edges please let me know? I love buying products and trying out new things.