My aunty seems to feel that everything I do involves my friends. This is not true. It is just that my friends have children and we bring them to one another’s birthday parties. As for our own birthdays, we do the same. So when Aunty J called and I said oh it’s my friends birthday and we are going out for a meal. She was like it’s always my friend this my friend that etc etc. Maybe I am missing something. Dunno ;-

Anyway’s yeah. It was my good friends birthday. She is godmother to one of my boys. These days I am not out a lot just as and when. I do make the effort for birthdays and events. Credit crunch recession or not, you can still enjoy yourself providing you know your limits.

We went to a very pricey Cantonese restaurant. Unlike Chinese takeaway that just smells of grease, the food was light and yummy. I do not eat pork and am weary of seafood. I am starting to try but still have my limits.

Everyone just ordered what they would like and then we just all dipped in and tried what we wanted. I went for Szechuan chicken , egg fried rice, chips and curry sauce. Order by others was, barbecue ribs, Singapore chow mien, Singapore fried rice, prawn cocktails, beef.

The pinot grigio rose’ wine was beautiful and went straight to my head. I was sipping it like pop on an empty stomach. Everyone was feeling the effects of the wine.

The night ended going to a a few bars and dancing her bums off . The music at the last bar was sweet. It was a mixture of dancehall, garage, hip hop, R&B and old skool. I can still whine and show dem young gal how to move to the beat.

We all enjoyed ourselves.