During my short stay in London I visited Primark in Oxford Circus. I can still remember on the news the madness that went on when this store opened. People got hurt as it was a stampede to grab a bargain. My cousin always tells me it is worth visiting different Primark stores in different areas. As with some chain stores, the contents can always vary and you never know what you may find.
I spotted these beautiful court shoes with the perfect heel for me. The colour I wanted was mink, but at £5 I figured I could make it work. Although I still do want  a pair of mink heels now. My friend has pre-warned me that the part of the show that is at the top of the toes is quite stiff so feet may take a few wears to adjust to it. 
I was not blown away by the Oxford Circus branch. Though it was nice to be in there. I have been to many Primark stores across the midlands and London. They are always full of people and can be very cramped at times.  I just did not understand why after shopping in the Oxford Circus branch people are sat outside Primark on the windowsill looking admiringly at their purchases. Could they not wait till they got home or to their hotel rooms to do that.