If you listened to my radio interview below ( which you still can until this Sunday) you will know my son is due to start Primary School. He was born Sept 2005 and so will be one of the oldest in his year. His cousin was born a few weeks earlier so has almost completed his 1st full year of school.
Anyway picked my boys up from nursery Monday and still was none the wiser about his school placement. Royal Mail do not do many deliveries no more. Moving on. So where I live there are roughly 6 primary schools in the area. The nearest near me was moved and is still on the main road but at the front of a park.
I decided to apply for Catholic school as my 1st choice for my 1st born and than a local comprehensive just in case. They are a few streets away from each other. Many people told me unless my child was a baptised catholic he would not get in. My Pastor said don’t worry about it hand in his dedication certificate and if you need me to sign any forms just bring them in.
Now you know, I did not listen to anyone that said he could not get into that school. Who are they to tell me. I applied, I prayed, prayed some more and waited patiently. So Monday got home opened the letter and started screaming while my sons looked at their mum like she was crazy. Yep my boy is going to his, umm well my 1st choice of school for him.
I love the fact that he got into a church based school. I attend church and try to get more involved. He enjoys Praise and Worship at church and more. I am so happy right now. I have to start planning which Hush Puppies or Clarkes shoes to buy him. If they are not one of those brands my Aunty will tell me bout myself.
So umm any tips on coping with your child going school for the 1st time. I hope September I don’t cry or get too emotional. He weighed just over 3 lbs when he was born, now he is going to school.
1st choice whoop whoop!!