At work we did a secret Santa. This is often fun as you just never know what you are going to get. Last year I got a luxury Radox bubble bath set. I still have it only because showers are the way to go.

This year at work those who wished to take part did and we got some laughs. My boss bought washing up liquid and gloves for one girl in the team luckily he included a bottle of Rose’. There were many bottles of wine and truffles about not forgetting doggy biscuits, shower gels and pampering products. To me the funniest gift was a box of chocolates for a lady who is on a diet and doing well on it. Not a lot of thought but I suppose people get what they get huh.

My gift was a bag full of chocolate covered vanilla fudge from Thornton’s. I cannot complain after all Thornton’s are kind of posh chocs. I also got a fancy Red Herring key ring. It could be sign that I need to keep my car keys separate from my house keys. Well that is what my cousins told me and I bet they would be impressed if the next time I am in London they see I have taken heed of their advice. Mmm will see.

Oh yeah I bought my co-worker the Sleek sunset palette. Our budegt was £5 and I figured it was perfect. Just as well it was well received. I just do not know how she worked out the fact I was her secret santa. Oh well.

Have you taken part in any Secret Santa events at work or amongst friends? What did you get?

As for Santa not sure if I can be bothered to stand up in line for hours on end for a stranger in a red suit saying ho ho ho ask my babies what they want for Christmas. My workmates think I should. The alternative my skinny husband (he has slight stomach now haha) will have to play dress up.