I really would love to get back into Lipsticks. I have loads around the house. I am sure some need throwing out. I have given some away too. Though I am think nothing beats a brown lip liner with a clear lip gloss or any shade that suits you.

I already owned two high shine lip glosses by Sleek The colours I have are Honeycomb and Champagne, though I am sure I bought Kinky. I follow Sleek Make up on Twitter and found out about their Wonder last duo lip gloss. It comes in two parts. The colour which dries to a matt finish and then a clear gloss to add sheen and moisture.

I do like these but you have to remember to top up the gloss as and when, or else your lips feel chalky. Unfortunately I can not tell you what the colours are as the two I have do not have colours written on them. I love both of these colours and pinks and browns are 2 glosses shades I will always buy.

So regardless of brand if you know a good brown or pink lip gloss that would suit brown skin let me know.