I know I am really not supposed to buy anymore makeup. However there are like 1 or 2 items I do want well rather need. One being an ink or gel eyeliner such as Mac Fluid lines or Sleeks Ink pot.

Anyway I was out with friends and just thought I would go and have a look in Superdrugs to see if Sleek is still there going strong. Yes they were still there indeed. I so love their Divine Eyeshadow palette. It was last years Christmas when I made my purchase and there was only one. Now there are 3 palettes to choose from. Good move, after all variety is the spice of life, so they say.

I am so glad they decided to re package and bring out new products. Sleek has been an established brand since 1989. Their headquarters and origins are in London UK. I always thought that Sleek was new in the late 90’s but they have been around for awhile. They have aims to move forward.

I like the fact that they are super affordable and now I don’t even have to go to the (not owned by us) hair shops to buy it. I mean when I was in Brixton’s Superdrugs I got all giddy and just bought 4 products. Oh they had offers so I was like what that cheap but the colours are amazing. The same thing happened today. But I am more cautious of my spending (details well some will follow when the time is right).

Please excuse the way the picture look (I quit A-Level Photography through boredom). The top palette with the natural range of colours is called ‘Storm’ and the bottom palette is called ‘Original’. Green is my fave eyeshadow colour at the moment and ‘Original’ has 3 different shades of green. Lovely. The other palette is called Chaos but I was not feeling those colours at all. They might warm to me by Christmas.

Read more about Sleek here

Also check out their website

Note to self – STOP buying makeup and use what you got.