Today in between getting money in accounts for direct debits and getting the children from Nursery I walked into The Perfume Shop. I just felt like I could do with a treat for myself. My boys will always get treats all the time. For my 3yr old now that he has DS Lite when I update my games I am sure he will do well too.

Anyway I was just in the need for a perfume. What I wanted was one of my favourites for years. YSL Yvress which used to be called Champagne. I still think Champagne was the better name. It is quite a strong fragrance that settles in beautifully. I usually wait for special offers as 100ml costs around £60. I will buy some when the perfume folk come to my work as they tend to sell it at half price.

So in the Perfume shop, I am stuck between another favourite scent and that is Lacoste a Touch of Pink. There are offers around in Boots and other shops whereby you get a free pink Vanity case with your purchase. So tempting as I love bags.

In the end I went for DKNY Delicious Night. I bought the 50ml gift set as the kind lady in the shop told me as it was on offer it worked out cheaper than the 50ml on its own. So I have save about fiver. The gift set included a 100ml body lotion. In addition to that I was given a free DKNY Delicious makeup bag that came with a lip gloss and body lotion.

I am going to be smelling sweet. It is such a warm scent so alluring. So lovely. I just tend to prefer eau de parfum over eau de toilette scents.

Other scents I have recently bought are Christina Auguilera’s Inspire and Roxy Love by Roxy. They are nice fresh scents and are okay when I want a light scent.

I just need to leave the Razac lotion alone so it doesn’t clash with the parfum I just bought.