Why do people drive big ole cars if they do not know how to do a simple manoeuvre, such as park in a parking lot. Especially one that if you make it between the lines you always have enough space to get in and out without causing problems for the motorists next to you.

Do you see how close this idiot parked to my car. He/She obviously did not see my “mum’s taxi” logo , or the bunny rabbit “baby on board” nor the two bright and colourful Winnie the pooh shades and most importantly the two not one but two car seats in the back of the car. How inconsiderate.

As you can see in the pic, this twat parked at an angle and into my space just about thus preventing me from getting one child in the car easily. I had to place baby in one end and get my 4yr old to climb in from his brothers side. Then I had to get in the car somehow and strap my eldest in his car seat and secure the seatbelt.

I was so pissed. I wish whoever cannot park came back so I could cuss them. My friend parked a bit too close to a car and this woman went and scratched up his car and left a note. My local Westfield car park staff proved useless. I had to do many mini reverses to get out without damaging my car. If my car was a banger I would have gladly reversed straight into that car, knowing a long scratch would be on that Honda.

This occurred Christmas week so you can imagine how I was feeling.