Today was almost catastrophic. I was driving along decided going to take a different route so I can avoid traffic. This big ole truck, articulated lorry. You know the ones you need to see more than just the rear wheels to be safe. Its the ones that caused me to fail a test.

Anyway it just stops in the middle of the road doing nothing. No indication or anything. I see the car in front of me take over. I hesitate at first than decided to just put my foot down and go. Backside the driver pulled out. If I was going any slower my 2 boys would have suffered something. The driver beeped me. These lorries cannot see you from behind but they can see you coming up the inside. I just thank God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, after all it could have been worst.

Good news for me. My friend is busy putting her hair braiding blog together. She has skills…though I have to pull out my sympathy card to get my hair done sometimes. I reckon she would cuss me out if I linked her before she has finished her tweaking. Just know that she has skills. B is always telling me that I need to buy some domains because they are affordable etc etc etc. Well she inspired me today. Between replying via my blackberry, my laptop and phone I did just that.

So now I am the proud owner of . Which means I need to add some oomph and spice to this blog. If I spoke my mind on what certain gal and man get up to that would be entertaining. mmm. I will think about.

Though will see how the weeks go by