London eye

Well the last week has been so nice. The sun has been shining bright and hot. Driving in the sun is rather new to me. I now understand why people complain about the rays of the sun on your arms when driving.

I bought some tanning oil. I know you are probably thinking what is a sister buying tanning oil for. Well I have varying shades as you do and I figured that I can use it to even out my skin colour especially the under neath’s of my arms that seldom get exposed.

I bought Calypso carrot oil which gives a brilliant deep tan and Calypso Aloe Vera after sun gel. My friend came back from holiday and her skin looked healthy and well tanned. I might go on holiday this year but in the meantime it is rather hot in the UK so I might as well make do.

Now I am not sure if I can use sun cream with the carrot oil. The carrot oil has no SPF. My favourite sun cream is Nivea and I buy SPF 50+ for the children and for myself I usually buy SPF 30 or higher. I know I can probably get away with a lower SPF however few years ago I was in Miami and I suffered a mild sunburn on my chest. I didn’t burn or peel. It just let me know that I need to be protected.

Hope you are enjoying the summer sun.