When I heard the news about this over the weekend I had to wonder. How long before people passed away did the world health organisation know about this. Now the only news is about this influenza virus that has jumped from pigs to humans. Talk about cross contamination. It makes me wonder what is it about modern day farming practices that causes so many animal deceases to reach out and attack a human. After all there is mad cow disease of which the human variant is CJD, then you had bird flu and so many others.

According to Live Science 50 million humans caught diseases from animals including domestic pets. Some of which were fatal. Interesting, but so weird. Could Flu be one of the curses of the world as spoken about in the Bible or am I just taking it too far. I pray for all those already affected and that it does not become a pandemic.

Here is a list of symptoms

– Cough
– Sore throat
– Headache
– Aching muscles and joints
– Runny nose
– Severe weakness and fatigue

Read more Yahoo news article and this article about animal to human diseases known as Zoonoses, you will be amazed to know some of the common ones came from animals.