I read about the Afro Hair & Beauty Bible whilst skimming some UK blogs. One of those blogs was Vex in the City which gave a nice overall review of the book and the author Alison Husbands whom she met at the Afro Hair and Beauty show in London. So when I saw that the same blog was hosting a competition I thought why not.
So glad I entered as I won my very own copy! I was so excited I replied as soon as my berry blinked to let me know I had new mail. It must be a sign I must enter more competitions on blogs and twitter. Who knows, one day I will win my own home.
Anyway I absolutely love the cover picture of this book. It either looks like the model is wearing an afro hairpiece of her own hair is slicked back at the front and the back left loose and flowing. The book covers Hair care for women with both natural and relaxed hair. It gives a breakdown of how to care for your hair with some basic principles such as understanding protein and protective styling. Ladies who wear extensions are not left out either. There is a section on skin care and make up as well as body care from skin conditions to exercise. The book also includes a product list of suggested products for each of the areas discussed in the book.
Overall I would say this is a good starting point for a beginner who may not have done much research of their own or someone who would like to increase their knowledge. It would also serve as a nice companion alongside what you know already and other books in your collection. My only bad point is that it only talks about the Andre Walker hair typing system. Andre’s system limits type 4 hair which is Kinky curly hair to types just 4a and 4b. Whereas some would rightly state that there is a 4c. It would have been nice to include the LOIS system which some ladies have found easier to use. However that does boil down to personal choice. This book is still worth a read and I will refer back to it.
For more information on Alison Husbands check out her website The Afro Hair & Beauty Bible