I bought this book on a whim. I saw it in Sainsbury’s one morning on my way to work and thought it looked like a book I could read and finish. Even better the man from the Book People was at work the same day with this book for sale. He told me how good the book was.
The story is set in the 1960’s Mississippi and focuses on mainly 2 maids and a young lady raised by a maid. Abileene is definitely the mother hen of the bunch very wise and full of sense. Whilst dealing with the lost of her son she is raising the children of her employer. Minny on the other hand comes from an abusive marriage but always talks herself out of a job by being honest which is more than what the privileged white ladies can handle. Not even her good cooking can save her at times.
This book journeys you through the maids experiences and what they go through. Whilst sharing the knowledge that some kids who grow up such as Skeeter still have a warm affection for the maid who raised them. Yet tries to make sense of why they may no longer be around. The books touches somewhat on the impending civil rights movement and the sense of change that is about to come. However the main focus is the quiet friendship and understanding these ladies share. Though most importantly an inside into the often forgotten but much used Help.