I am having that problem again. I am kind of addicted to the versatility of instant weaves as and when I need a quick style. I have yet to make my hair look effortless. My friend M has been natural for a while now and she rocks her natural beauty in all its glory. She was a fashion student and has that quirkiness that fashion folk have. It spills over to her hair.

My hair does not form a nice fro no matter what I do. But I guess I need to keep trying to do something with my own hair as best I can. I looked in the mirror last week and woah where did that come from. My edges have thinned out and dropped out. Luckily hair is still there so I might be able to save it once again. The maddest thing is that I will be putting my hair in single braid extensions. I should be okay. My hair stylist will go gently on my edges.

The last time I had this problem I canerowed my own hair for a few months and let it be and it recuperated. This time I will be using some product assistant. not sure if it works but will see.

Whilst in London last week I bought some products. I can get carried away and my friends think I am addicted to buying hair but I am not. I just like to stock up when I can so when I want canerows I can have them done or singles.

Anyway products I bought ‘Profective Anti Thinning Circulation Stimulant’. Its thick and creamy. It says to apply twice daily. Well a little goes a long way. Other items I bought were for hold and sculpting and moisturising. They are ‘Organics by Africa’s Best…Shea and Tea Tree Oil Moisturiser and the ‘Olive oil twist and lock gel’….’IC Fantasia ice pomade’ ( recommended by another natural hair sister so I thought I will try)…Dark N Lovely Naturally Calming tress and hold gel.

I have tried both gels and they do hold my hair in a way. The other gels I have bought just slide off my hair but these seem to add moisture and hold at the same time. I wonder if I can use them with water…mmm. I do love the moisturiser. Its not another pink oil that sits on your hair. It does add moisture.

I am interested to know what works for people too. Will update and hopefully get some more pictures soon.