I tell myself a lot of the time that I want this I want that. Yet when I really want something it can take ages for me to commit to buying it. Of course if I had money falling out of the sky or I won the Euro I would be less cautious. But…….I want this. I have put it in my head that the cost of this is the same cost as a video camera which will be my next major purchase not to mention my very own Mac Book.

Anyway earlier this month I spoke about my wants and what I would like. It gets more frustrating that now everyone in my team seems to have one and they enjoying it. I believe Nintendo have done well because it will be me and my two boys enjoying this together. Yeah for those who actually know me that read my blog, the husband can be a part of it too. If I cannot manage to set it up myself I will ask him or Google or YouTube it. LOL!

I have found a good bargain at ToysRus for £217 which gets me the console and the Wii Fit game and balance board. In Choice Catalogue they have a package that costs £309. There are other deals flying around now too. Though what gets me even more excited are the fitness games. Such as Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 , My Fitness Coach and EA Sports Active.

Yes I am a person who tends to take the resources than needs to actual put them in practice. Mario Kart and Big Brain Academy will a be a definite purchase along the way. Anyway decided will buy this before the month ends.