Monday May 3rd was the 1st of two Bank Holidays in the UK. Having already had a busy weekend I chimed in that I would join my friend on an outing to Drayton Manor Park to visit Thomas Land that is full of rides for little ones. Now because theme park is split into little people and bigger people rides the cost can be quite expensive. We read online that prices were £22 for 4-59yr olds. This was the price quoted over the phone as well. When we got there the actual cost was £28 each. Luckily they do have offers that let you pay for group tickets so you can pay less. In all it cost me £23 entry through buying a group/family ticket.
Despite all of that I must say it was definitely a worthy trip. It took us less than an hour to reach from where we live in East Midlands. Parking was straightforward no hassles there. The queues for the rides did not take long at all. Thomas Land definitely had something for everyone. My youngest who is 2 was able to get on a few rides with me by his side. As for my 4yr old he was in his element. We hopped on Board Thomas the tank engine to the zoo, which had a handful of animals. I feel a little cheated as we did not get to see the Big cats and penguins. It was not the weather for it. So indeed I will have to make up for that in the summer. Next to it was an outside adventure playground.
Maybe its motherhood or my age (as you know I did reach a milestone), as I was not really bothered about those bigger rides over the way. All the children and grown folk enjoyed themselves. Next time I must take pics of the rides but you can always check out their website. I will go back in the summer as Bank holiday Monday was filled with warm sun, dark clouds, rain, hail stones and more. Though that is British weather for you.
They also have a Drayton Manor Park Facebook Fan page which currently gives you access to a voucher so you only pay £19 entry fee. You need one voucher per person.