I am sitting at my computer thinking about losing weight. It is something I have been doing for years. What I should be doing is actively losing weight. I am hoping this blog will prompt me to do so. I have spoken about this on my other blogs but I need less of a main focus on this. I need to chronical my thoughts without anyone keeping note

Reasons to lose weight >>

Improve health and overall fitness

Improve circulation – I have been doctors about my concerns

Strengthen leg muscles – I have bakers cyst on one of my legs and doctor prescribed leg exercises – losing weight will help

Stop gaining and make use of my beautiful clothes I cant fit in to and cant bare to let go

Hopefully this will help understand what my problem areas are.  Amazingly I do not eat a lot as what people would assume a big person does. I have tracked what I do eat online and have found I am under eating but, I lack ample exercise.