All throughout summer I wanted a pair of these popular string earrings. I have watched many people on YouTube rocking them, thinking they would look good on me. I finally bought some in fact two pairs from a seller on Ebay. They cost me less than £3.oo per set and free shipping within the UK. Now that I have them not sure when I will wear them. I need a day look upgrade so might once I change my hairstyle (for the hundredth time) wear them Though I have a few parties to go to so will see. I need to accessorise myself.

By the way, If you know of any bloggers or YouTubers that do a lot of accessorising tips and tricks please let me know. I am fast approaching the big 3.0 and need to make sure , as my girls say, that I am a hot mama at the school gate that my kids are not embarrassed of. Mmm do they have a point?