The family travelled to Burton today. It is a small town where you can find some nice bargains if you look for them. My husband was doing holiday shopping whereas I was simply in search of a new handbag. My intentions was to buy a bag the sits across the body so that whilst I am with my boys my hands are free. 

However me being the impulsive shopper (when its an obvious bargain) got a bit too happy when I spotted some Apple Bottoms handbags in TK Maxx. I managed to persuade hubs to buy one for me and I bought the other.

I always find it amazing that TK Maxx always seems to stock the occasional Hip Hop brand. I have bought from them Fetish by Eve, Rocawear as well as more mainstream brands. TK Maxx may not always be current collections but you do find great pieces in there. My boys left the store with Ed Hardy hoodies, thanks to the sharp eyes of their shopping pro Aunty.

I am going to try force myself not but anymore handbags until I save up for a more premium bag. Maybe a Mulberry or a Chloe or just something different than what I usually get happy with.

Have you found any bargains in TK Maxx recently please let me know? After all bargains are this lady’s best friend!!