I have missed a few carnivals this year. I used to make it to at least 5 across the UK each year. However priorities change. If I am able I will take the kids to Notting Hill, London Carnival’s children’s day. The only carnival in the UK that gets major coverage like mud fest music festivals is Notting Hill. There are many many Caribbean cultures spread throughout the UK. Many of those communities have their own carnivals. Including the small cities. Though if London is out of reach Leeds carnival is spread across the same days.

Today I went to Derby Carnival procession day. It was okay. It was something to do and helped to wear out the kids. Certain stewards (e.g. number 27), just need to work on their people skills. The police need people skills too. You do not start off rude and expect because you are wearing a yellow vest or badge you will be respected. A simple please or just general manners goes a long way. The costumes that me and my friends saw, were lovely. I pray I can go to Trinidad & Tobago for their carnival and have a week long party. That is something I would love indeed.If I had the time I would set up my own carnival troupe playing the best steel pan and soca vibes around. I would do my research.