The news has made it quite clear that the elections is upon us here in the UK. We already know who the tabloid press would like to win the popular vote. British politics can be very boring and just full of people who have never struggled a day in their lives. People who if they were not working would still be okay. I watched the 1st ever Leaders debate in the UK. It was very British and nothing all too exciting. It gave the most significant other candidate a bigger voice. Most media outlets including Huffington Post spoke about how Nick Clegg did well for the liberal democrats.
Some of the key points that I found interesting:
  • Labour pretty much wants to protect public services such as healthcare, education and care for the elderly.
  • Conservatives wishes to decrease the cost to business and make cuts, however would not agree when questioned that Education and the NHS would not suffer as a result
  • Liberal Democrats stated that the public needed honesty and transparency and they believe they could deliver improvements through improved efficiency
That is just the gist of it all for me. Education is important to me. I wish to continue my education and go after a Masters Degree at some point. I also have a child about to start school. I do not want to see that his school becomes under funded because whoever gets in favours the needs of big business and does not balance it all out. In regards to the Budget Deficit, the conservatives want to make a saving of £66billion. You just know exactly where those cuts will come from. Liberal Democrats want to remove tax credits and child trust funds, thus saving £15billion a year. Cuts would be made in other places too. Labour however does not want cuts to cause a double dip recession effect, that would mean a loss in jobs. They want to safe guard jobs and keep the economy growing and recovering the recession that we are barely out of.
I found it interesting that all 3 parties were interested in improving the care the elderly face. So some things they can agree on.
The elections will take place on 6th May 2010 and you have only until 20th April (tomorrow)to register to vote. Some people may find that if they are able to they can go to their local council house to ensure their name is on the electoral roll.
You can register to vote if you are:
• 16 years old or over and
• a British citizen
• an Irish, EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizens. Qualifying Commonwealth citizens are those who have leave to enter or remain in the UK, or do not require such leave
For more information please visit About My Vote for more information.