As promised the engineer from virgin came round early Monday morning and sorted my broadband connection. It took him about 10 or 20 minutes to resolve. I was told the connection was still slow. He even walked in the rain to the green box to work it out.

Then Wednesday it just cut straight back out again. Just like that. No flashing ready light nothing. I attempted to call the normal customer service number just so that they would know the latest but although I got to to choose my hold music (blues) I could not be asked to stay on the line and said I would speak to them tomorrow after work. Surprisingly the area manager called and spoke to my husband and he told him the situation.

So at 4pm today he came by as promised and sorted my connection. It seems something dodgy is going on at that green box. They will be investigating. There just was no connection whatsoever. Not even a slow connection like the last time, just nothing.

It is really expensive when you do not have the service you paid to receive. Taking a few deep breaths and fingers crossed no more connection problems but mmm, we will see. Just happy Virgin see, eager to resolve.

P.S. I have to move the modem out of sight now as whenever it blinks I think something has gone wrong. Maybe I should become a shareholder in Virgin Media, buy a few each year till I can speak on the board. Now that is a thought!