I have had such a nice weekend. A busy weekend to say the least. I have made sure that I consume less calories in the week so that I could splurge on alcohol and food.

My friend got married on Saturday. Her dress was beautiful, she looked amazing. In fact she had some tomboys in there and what a transformation. The service was beautiful as can be expected at weddings. The one thing I took away from the service was the story about the motorbikes and the bends.

It reminded me of one of T.D. Jakes’ sermons I watched on telly. Anyway, Pastor more or less said that when a married couple is riding a motorbike together down a straight road they will need to make sure when the bends in the road come, you need to bend together. It would not be good to go opposite ways. That is the gyst of it.

Then of course there was the double christening of my 2 friends sons on Sunday. Aww both boys looked gorgeous. J threw up on pastor which had the whole church in giggles. Even more so because Pastor made a point of mentioning that J decorated his clothes before lol. R was just not in the mood for pastor to hold him. Don’t you love children?

The reception was heaving with people. It was so hot in that bar. Me with my Bugaboo Bee and baby in tow. I had to change into flats. Them high heel shoes I was wearing hurt badly. I drank to my hearts content. I must have consumed 3 large glasses of Rose’ , JD and coke with a sneaky splash of hennessy and some Grey Goose and lemonade.

My husband is on holiday with my eldest so his friends and brother were watching me. Typical. They had the cheek to throw away the remainder of my wine. Telling my grown self no more drink. I was slowing down anyway because I need to tend to my baby. I ended the night with a hot chocolate and a piece of christening cake. yummy.