A friend posted a link to a programme on the BBC called “10 Things you need to know about Losing weight”. It was an hour long and I thought ok let me watch this. It was interesting to watch but a lot of what was discussed had been discussed already. Such as soup, protein etc making you feel fuller longer. Not doing a full review as just wanted to list the 10 points that were discussed.

1 – Do not skip meals

2 – Use smaller plates

3 – Count your calories

4 – Do not blame your metabolism

5 – Protein Staves off hunger

6 – Soup keeps you feeling fuller for longer

7 – The wider the choice of food you have the more you eat (buffet etc)

8 – Low-fat dairy helps you excrete fat

9 – Everyone burns fat, even when you finish exercising and when your are sleeping

10 – Keep moving and you will lose weight

Some are obvious such as numbers 10, 3 and 2. Whilst points 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 I have heard discussed many times before.

By the way the journalist name is Michael Mosley. One thing I did learn is that hidden fat is bad for you.

I can hear Wii and its army of get fit games and accessories calling me. But yeah didn’t really learn anything new. Just told in a different ways. How about you. Do you have any weight loss tips?