Ok I have a confession to make. I joined Weight Watchers last month. I am coming up to my 5th week. However I had a set back last week. I gained the 2lbs I had lost the previous week. I know why as well. I bought these weight watchers branded goods. You know cakes, cereal bars, sweets, etc. Now I love cake well more so the icing rather than the actual cake. But as I have re-trained my palette I do not like stuff too sweet.

So I bought these cakes. They were on offer in Asda and are like Kipling lemon slices. They tasted gorgeous. So I used 4 points for four slices. Not only that Asda convinced me that their ‘good for you’ ice cream was low -cal. So by the end of the week I was eating a slice of cake and ice-cream. Thinking I am within my points allowance.

My leader is so cheerful and c0nfident that I will succeed. I just feel that I know what I need to do now. I have mastered the system and just need to go it alone. I think I will just get me the weight watchers at home pack and get myself a subscription to Slimming World magazine. I am serious.

I have made sure that I have salad with my dinner. Nowadays I do not always have rice or good ole cook food with my meat. Driving doesn’t help either. My cross trainer is used every other day. It is still painful. No one told me not to climb stairs holding a baby directly after being on that machine. Thank God I kept my balance. Phew!!

My other sources of help are looking at pictures of me pre-marriage and seeing who I was an who I have become. I do not wish to starve myself so I will get to my goal in time. Of the friends I have told my weight loss goal they gasp in horror saying I would look awful. But we will see half a stone at a time.

Note to self – Do not let husband share my dinner. In fact ensure he doesn’t cook so often.