At work today a colleague says to me, as I am getting ready to leave that I look like the Black girl from Glee actress Amber Riley who plays Mercedes Jones. In my head I am thinking are you serious! Yet without thinking out of my mouth flows “What, because we both fat and black????” If you could have seen their faces. Another colleague with mouth to the floor says “did you say what I think you said?”. Yes I did. Sometimes you have to shock their ignorance with the truth. The stuff I am told daily in their presence just makes me want to kiss my teeth all day long.
If you have ever met me and know me you know they were talking bull. At work someone even said I resembled Floella Benjamnin. So I do wonder when I finally win the battle with weight who I will be compared too. Mmmm maybe Beyonce or Selita Ebanks or VV Brown as she is in the M&S adverts. No regards for height build and actual likeness.
The only person who said the decent thing was – we look alike on a dark night with your eyes closed. I just really give up sometime.