Today at work we had a fuddle as a mini celebration for a young man in the team who this weekend is getting married. He is so in love and such a nice lad. They have been together for years so very much pleased for them.

So this fuddle thing can be quite tempting. Its what we do at my work place. The job that keeps you glued to the phone and stationary. I often sit at my open plan desk and dream of walking. Though I am just a number glued to the pc and headset and lucent phone. The moment you are taking too long in one code you get a call asking why.

As I was saying there was a fuddle at work today. Everyone brought in a few party snacks. Some of it smelled foul as  do not eat some those things. There is no pork on my fork. I was surrounded by sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and the like. I couldn’t bare to eat a cold Cornish pastie.

I bought mini cookies (which tasted stale for some reason or over cooked) and muffins. I only snacked on them plus the crisps and home made lemon drizzle cake which was gorgeous. Well not quiet Marks and Spencers but decent enought for a second slice.

After awhile I figured I would not eat anything else. My old team fuddles were so much better. We had fruit, samosas, healthy snacks, sandwiches, salads and sweet treats.

Fuddles are rare at work now but they do come along from time to time. There was a time they used to throw chocolate at us. I could never understand that as we were at work not school.