Well what can I say. X Factor was okay last night the only act that was truly amazing was Mary Byrne. TreyC was good too. Though if she does not do well on this show she can become the new poster lady for a taught bumper. I can just imagine her being snapped on the beach and people in awe of her derriere the way they are with Serena. Thankfully she has an absolute good voice.
Cher did what I expected she threw in some Lady Sovereign ala N Dubz vibes to a song that did not need it. In fact she was awful and did not prove anything. Katie was better than Cher but the gaga like get up was badly done.

Anyway the highlight for me from Xfactor was the commercials. I actually enjoyed watching them. The best had to be the Yeo Valley farm milk advert. Now I need to go and find out what a massey is. The rapping in this advert was on point and Cher could learn a thing or two from it. I also liked the Ikea Kitchen advert which was so groovy. Now if the judges could choose a decent song for their acts I might think the same of them too.

One more thing why have wildcards, than do a double eviction on the 1st show. It makes no sense. The twist is stupid and people worked that out the day Gamu got the boot.