After going to the hairdresser I decided that I wanted to leave my hair alone kind of. I have tried sewn in weaves before and always hated the experience. My scalp would itch and at times feel as though it was on fire. This time around my experience is different. 
I have a friend who does hair and she does not charge me an arm and a leg for her services. so as she was super affordable I thought why not. Now I did not want to have any hair left out so I got a full head weave. My natural hair at times can be very resistant to heat and reverts quickly whether that be summer humidity or winter rain and snow. I am always cautious of my edges and thankfully she does not apply any noticeable tension on my edges or anywhere on my head.

The base is a standard circular canerow/cornrow base. She used a small bit of X-pression hair to thicken my own hair out for the base.  The only part of the  whole process was the closure. I got jabbed in the head a few times by the needle point. Other than that it turned out lovely.  Unfortunately I have not got the best of pictures as the hair turned into a mess way too quick.

I used two bags of Sleek Spanish Weave hair. Two of my friends did say this hair does not last long and indeed it did not. I feel like I could get a further 2 weeks out of this sew in but the hair has served its purpose. Right now I am wearing it in a bun until the weekend when I can take it out. 
To care for my scalp I used The Organics Root Stimulator Anti Itch Oil. I found this useful and my itching was not that bad. Also to keep my scalp clean I bought their Dry Hair Shampoo but found because of the braid patter would not be practical and I simply washed my hair with the weave. I think my scalp was grateful for a bit of clean.
Now the spanish weave hair jumped back to life in the shower and detangling was easy. However once dried it matted back up and needed to be untangled again. I know people who are serious about weave will probably tell me it is what you paid for but surely at £32 per bag, it could have been better. Next time I will try a straight weave. I am just trying to grow my hair back and gain additional length. I will also not neglect getting trim when I am supposed to.