My friend canerowed my hair for me just before christmas. Which i was grateful for. As you can see from the pic the point parts were also along the hairline and her grip was tight.

However when i came to take them out there were oads of white bulbs around my hairline. My hair was basically being pulled out from the root. I thought at first it was a product i used. but no. Anyway my hairline is damaged. Though one of my friends says its not bad and could be worst.

I told my friend who did my hair about the damage and she was apologetic but at the same time i should have said to make it less tight.

Traction alopecia is no joke. some people recover some dont. so you know i am now on nappturality reading there alopecia forum to see what is what.

Do people learn lessons mmmm who knows but I intend to get a weave for my birthday. I have never had one. plus i dont wish to straighten my hair and a weave is just a style option I’,m gonna see if i like it.

If when your hair is done you cant smile cause of the pain speak up and say lessen the tension my dear.